A product present in the Company's price list is the so called MARRYSHOE ROLL.

This roll, patent pending, is equipped with a particular elastomeric covering that, even having a very high value of hardness, up to 60ShD, can create a very long NIP when pressed against its contrast, even with relatively low pressure.

This propriety has a first consequence in the elongation of time during which it exerts its pressure against a contrast roll with the following results, verified in real industrial applications:

  • 1. Connect multiple plies of toilet tissue paper using only water in a more stable way than by using glue.
  • 2. Increase the lamination speed.

Case 1 is supported by tests performed on products analysed by "Centro Qualità Carta" in Lucca, shown below, that demonstrate that we can obtain a more stable connection by combining Water and MarryShoe Roll than combining glue and Standard Marrying Roll.

marryshoe roll marryshoe roll

Case 2 is supported by the application of a MarryShoe Roll in a line that, only for this reason, has increased it's lamination speed from 550 to 650 m/min regularly, with an increase of 18,2% of turnover generated by the line.

In addition, it has a second consequence in the complete elimination of re-embossing of the inner face of the laminated web with the following results, verified in real industrial applications:

  • 1. Obtain a thicker laminated web.
  • 2. Obtain firmer rolls keeping the same winding length.
  • 3. Obtain bigger diameter rolls keeping the same winding length.
  • 4. Obtain same diameter rolls winding less paper.

The last improvement brought in this project is the application of an external layer, some mm thick, of an elastomer having even higher hardness, up to 60 ShD.

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