BMT srl offers consultance in the Patent field thanks to the vast experience and to the huge number of patents of which Memo Biagiotti is Inventor and has managed since the drafting, extensions, etc in the course of his working life.

He also defended some patents infringed in various nations throughout the world, with legal trials done in Italy, and in other countries like USA, Canada, Israel, Japan giving assistance to lawyers and direct testimonies in court.


BMT offers consultance in the R&D field either of new machines or of new products and processes, field in which Memo Biagiotti always operated during his long working experience during which he contributed with his ideas to the development of specific machines to the various functions of tissue converting that during the years brought the important Company in which he worked to be worldwide market leader in it's sector.

The experience acquired covers all the machines used in tissue converting from corewinders to rewinders of all types, from printing machines to embossing machines based on all processes (rubber to steel embossing, steel to steel embossing, double embossing lamination either Nested or Point to point, double height, etc.) to reel unwinders also flying splice either start-stop or no stop.


BMT commercializes products which make it produce on his design like the MARRYSHOE ROLL and the TISSUCORE® System.

The patented MARRYSHOE ROLL, is equipped with a particular covering made by a very hard elastomeric material shaped with a special geometry that gives it the possibility of generating an important Nip when pushed against it's contrast element even with a relatively low pressure. The last development done on this project is the application of a uniform layer, some millimeters thick, of an even harder elastomeric material of 65 ShD hardness.

The TISSUCORE® System is formed by machines designed and build to produce tubes using tissue paper, instead of cardboard, to be used to wind rolls of tissue paper and to be very easily installed in a line for tissue converting. The so produced cores have mechanical characteristics similar to the ones of cardboard cores but makes completely repulpable all the wastes generated during the converting process together with other advantages like the reduced wear of log saw blades, simpler production process and also the production of new tissue rolls that give the consumer the sensation of very high quality.