New order for TISSUCORE®

An important Producer of tissue rolls has recently decided to pass to the TISSUCORE® technology giving an order for a machine to produce cores for AFH rolls and fixing an option for further two machines in case of success of tests for production of cores for CONSUMER products.
The machine is going to be delivered in Springtime of 2022 to be installed in a line of one of it's Facilities in Lucca and will produce cores employing MG Paper.
The use of this paper allows to produce cores with mechanical characteristics similar to cardboard cores using from 30% to 45% less of raw material combining a cost similar or lower to the important advantages that the TISSUCORE® technology guarantees which are listed below:

1. Cores 100% repulpable 2. High efficency of the process
3. Personnel's cost reduction
4. Longer life of log saw's blades
5. Higher turnover generated from the line
6. Transportation's cost reduction
7. Ecotax reduction
8. Much simpler production process
9. Reduction of CO2 emissions

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